Trail  : La Mauricienne

This great sporting adventure starts with a trail called ''La Mauricienne'', which is a running race the covers over 30 km by team or by individual competitors. This event will take place in natural terrain with natural obstacles, hard ground and paved roads (cycle paths, footpaths) open to public traffic with an itinerary and marked with a vertical drop of 700 m.

The course

From the parking  of the largest National Park Black River  found in the mountainous area of ​​southwest in the highlands, making them colder than the rest of the places in Mauritius .

You will discover the natural heritage of Mauritius in this unique area which is also the location of one of the rarest forests in the world. 

You will climb towards Petrin, a small station which marks the beginning of the park entrance, follow the path of the Mare-aux-Joncs, a steep path that goes over a panorama of a waterfall.

You will head towards the waterfall 'Alexandra Falls', undeniable attraction of Mauritius, hundreds of meters in the heart of a green vegetation and tropical plants before descending deep into the South of Mauritius that reveals a different landscape of the rest of the island.


You will cross the natural reserve of Cerf d'Or in the heart of the reserve of St. Felix, at the edge of sugar cane fields to finish the race at the Domain Chazal, king of tranquility.


This hidden corner in Mauritius is an eco-tourist site where everything is done to preserve organic life of the domain,  definitely worth a visit.